Andy Frankenberger and his achievements as a professional player

There's definitely no doubt that many wagers across the globe idolizes poker professional player, Andy Frankenberger, as he's one of the few who stunned the industry and made a name for himself in his entry year as a professional player. He definitely took the industry by storm as he entered the WPT or the 'World Poker Tournament' and has come out on top with a title 'Player of the Year' for the Season 9 of the event. He's not just a professional player, but also a former trader of equity derivatives based on the prestigious New York City. He also earned consecutive 'World Series of Poker' or WSOP bracelets in the year 2011 to 2012. Due to the incredible feats he managed to garner, he was repeatedly covered in various forms of financial media as well as earning the title of 'Best Rookie' on 2011 as featured by the 'Card Player' Magazine.

Andy Frankenberger had quite a travel in life. Born on New York City, he transferred to Massachusetts, specifically in Andover where he mostly grew up. There, he entered the prestigious Phillips Academy where he started learning the Russian Language. He mastered the language as he transferred in Siberia as an exchange student. He had excellent scores on various tests along with a staggering 800 points in SAT Math Test. This earned him an invitation from the Harvard University which he turned down. After finishing studies in Duke University, he worked for 14 years in Wall Street and came back to US.

The glorious win he had on the WPT Season 9 event earned him a stunning $750,000 prize. On 2011, he garnered yet another big sum of cash in another WPT table which granted him $161,200. His consecutive wins didn't stop as at the same year, 2011, he placed Fifth on the WPT event once again which earned him $99,585. Andy Frankenberger won many more huge events after this, earning him a total of $2,500,000 in all of his live tournament prizes.