The Life of Bobby Baldwin, a Professional Poker Player

When it comes to playing poker, wagers just can't help admiring the legendary names that have already etched themselves in the annals of gambling history through the sheer amount of their achievements and one of them is Bobby Baldwin. This man was not just any professional poker player as he was also a renowned executive of a brick-and-mortar waging establishment and an off-road racer as well. Wagers around the globe recognizes this name, parallel to his achievement on 1978 as the Youngest Champion of the Main Event of the WSOP or the 'World Series of Poker'.

Bobby Baldwin was born on 1950 in Oklahoma. Delving deeper into his life, he studied at the prestigious State University of Oklahoma in the year 1970 and has only married this 2012 with a woman named 'Audra Hendley', which he met seven years before their mentioned wedding.

The most renowned win of Bobby Baldwin as mentioned above is the 1978 Main Event of the WSOP. He garnered a staggering $210,000 prize in a heads-up game as he defeated famous names of professional players in a single table which includes Crandall Andington, Louis Hunsucker and more. Aside from this grand win he received on 1978, he also garnered several WSOP bracelets from 1977 to 1979 which is three consecutive years. On 1977, he triumphed in a Deuce-to-Seven Game and Seven-Card Stud with a winning prize of $10,000 and $5,000, respectively. On 1979, he grabbed another $10,000 prize from the Deuce-to-Seven event once again.

From those consecutive victories, he continuously earned various rewards in many events like the Poker's Super Bowl Event and more. On 1980s and up, he still joined the WSOP continuously and has steadily placed some ranks on the event though he never won the first place again. Still, this was more than enough to grant him a space in the Hall of Fame for the game of poker which has made him one of the legendary players in the industry.