A summary of the California Split Waging Film

There's undeniably this mysterious and solid bond between gamblers that makes them create a friendship like no other and this is exactly what the movie, California Split, revolves on. This film made its way to the and the world on 1974 and was dubbed as the very first non-cinerama movie that utilized a stereo sound called 'Eight track' which was incredibly unique at that time. The movie featured famous artists like George Segal and Elliot Gould who portrayed the characters Bill Denny and Charlie Waters, respectively. It is understandable if, while reading this article about a movie with gambling themes, you decide to try out playing in a casino. Well, the good news is that you can do just that right away on online casino sites. Use this $30 coupon code and play exciting slots games for free on some of the best sites on the internet.

This award-winning film, California Split, has undoubtedly portrayed the waging industry marvelously, however, many strongly believe that it didn't quite have an impact if it was purely based on the plot. Though the plot wasn't that immersive, the waging action showed by the stars were more than enough to keep people motivated in watching it. The story shows the development of Bill and Charlie's friendship with their love for betting as their intermediary. The two were the complete opposite at the start, with Bill being a not-so committed wager and Charlie as the more adept one who's always craving for the action served by waging.

Over the course of the story, the two spend time together to the point where Bill had a change of heart and continuously delved in deeper to gambling and has become more addicted to it than ever. They also had a match with one of the most legendary names in the poker industry, Amarillo Slim, which was portrayed by the man himself. The two had continuously garnered back to back wins, however, in a twist of fate, something occurred that left Bill drained and not wanting to bet anymore. Due to this, the two were forced to traverse their separate paths from each other as they also split total winnings they achieved on their last tournament together which amounted to a stunning $82,000 each. California Split was critically acclaimed in various reviews which makes it a film that's definitely worth watching. After reading this article about the cult film California Split and you feel like you want to try your luck at online casinos, we have the perfect website for you. By going to the casinoenligne-ca.com site you will receive a bonus that you can spend on playing the most interesting games at the best Canadian online casino.