Inside The Brain Of Poker Star Steve Brecher - The Computer Wiz!

Steve Brecher is a professional American Poker player of some repute, however before he turned his hand to the game, he was a computer programmer who also wrote computer programs. He was actually instrumental in the creation of some original popular programs that were developed for the Macintosh platform of the day.

He wrote the font management program called "Suitcase" specifically for the Mac, and self-published his program under the brand name Software Supply. This Steve Brecher program would later be distributed by Fifth Generation Systems and eventually would be moved on and acquired by Extensis.

Extensis still publish the program even though it's over 20 years since Brecher's original release, and now it's been improved as with all things technical, moving along with the times.

Other claims to fame Brecher accomplished away from the world of Poker, included a program he wrote called Pyro. This he wrote in conjunction with Billy Steinberg and it's famed for being the Mac's first original screen saver.

As well as being very talented aside from his gaming career, he was also one of the contributors to the FreePPP project, a point to point protocol implementation which was used for all the earlier computers at that time running the Macintosh operating system.

This was a big deal as it was this that allowed the Mac to be used on the internet, along with low-level driver software he had also developed.

Moving through the 80's and into the early 90's, Brecher was regarded amongst some of his peers as the "programmer's programmer", so it's no surprise he would also become a Contributing Editor of the MacTech magazine.

Here he would write his own column called "Ask Professor Mac," and this was the section of the magazine where readers could voice any technical questions that they needed answering, Brecher had all the answers!

Many consider having a "Poker Face" as being a pre-requisite to being a successful Poker player, though one thing Steve Brecher also seemed to have was a computer brain. How many of his opponents knew that ahead of time, one can only wonder!